Reflection: End of First Semester

This year has simultaneously gone by incredibly fast and incredibly slow. At times, I couldn’t wait for winter break, dreaming of the day that I could see my friends and family. At others, I was having so much fun with new friends that I wanted more time before break. Now, as the semester is wrapping up, I feel very bittersweet. I am happy that I am done with my classes (and almost done with finals!) because I am ready for a mental break, but I am also going to miss the new friends I have made here. Before college I had heard people say that once you enter college it feels like you have two lives: the one at home and the one at school. I didn’t think that I would feel the same, but now that I am done with my first semester I can really relate to that feeling.

I am looking forward to beginning new classes once I return for the spring semester. My goal is to continue working hard to keep up my GPA, but I also want to keep challenging myself to get out of my comfort zone. Some of my favorite memories from this semester are times that I went out of my way to meet new people or try something new. I also hope to come up with a firm plan for my first study abroad trip. Right now, I am really considering a trip in the fall to Argentina. I have only looked it over briefly, but I believe that if I go it would fulfill my remaining requirements for my Spanish minor.

For now, I am looking forward to having a month free of assignments and essays. I am going to take the month to relax and come back ready to work hard in the spring.



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